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. >> meanwhile, edward snowden's decision to expose u.s. surveillance programs has provoked an international trade dispute. he wants to claim asylum in ecuador. the president of ecuador has accused the united states of trying to blackmail him into handing over this former nsa contractor. president correa says he will not give into washington's threats to cut business ties. >> to grant or deny asylum is an inherent right of a sovereign nation. it is unacceptable to try to demonize a state to accept an asylum request. do not waste her time. ecuador does not accept pressure or threats from anyone, nor does it sell its principles or sovereignty. nor does it submit to trade interests, no matter how important. >> russian authorities say edward snowden remains at a transit zone at a moscow airport. so far no journalist has managed to interview him there. peter sharp joins me from moscow with the latest developments. what do we know about edward snowden's whereabouts? >> we gather he is still ensconced in the terminal and moscow airport. he has been there nearly a week. it will be a week on sunday t
people. >> thank you both for your reports. still ahead, the search or the latest on edward snowden. >> nsa analyst and leaker edward snowden still on the run, getting equal parts praise from venezuela's president and now his own father. all ofthe deta >> edward snowden, the former intelligent systems analyst wanted by the united states on charges of leaking secrets, has officially requested asylum in 21 countries around the world according to the website wikileaks. some of those countries include china, italy, russia, and india. snowden has received rejections from some of the countries, including poland, norway, spain, and austria. others have not given a response. many countries say they will not consider the request until snowden arrives in theirs -- in their respective countries. one of the countries snowden is considering is bolivia. a short time ago, a plane with bolivia's president was diverted among rumors that snowden was on the plane. >> we do not know whether that plane did kerry edward snowden even though there was plenty of suspicion and talk before bolivia's president
, andded four napoli guards afghan guard and two siblings as well as for insurgents. edward snowden has issued his first outlook message since arriving at a moscow airport more than a week ago. in a statement posted on the wikileaks website, snowden to dim the obama administration for revoking his passport and pressuring foreign governments to reject his bids for asylum. he compared himself to former nsa official thomas drake and u.s. army private bradley manning in the former nsa, strake writing -- snowden added -- its legal advisers sarah harrison has submitted asylum petitions on snowden's behalf to 21 countries, including china, cuba, india, brazil, and a number of others in latin america and europe. but snowden reportedly has withdrawn his request for asylum in russia after president putin said he could only stay there if you stopped leaking information harmful to the united states. if he wants to go anywhere and someone will accept him, he is welcome if he wishes to stay here, then we have one condition. he must stop his work aimed at harming our american partners. although it sou
heartburn. >>> the obama administration paces another setback as russia refuses to return edward snowden. how should the u.s. respond to this latest diplomatic embarrassment? landmark rulings from the supreme court on voting rights, racial preferences and more. we will break down what the high court's decisions means for race in america. a key senate vote puts immigration reform in the hands of the house and now it face as huge uphill battle. will lawmakers get onboard with the overhaul? the hunt for nsa leaker snowden. snowden apparently still in a moscow airport where president obama says he shouldn't have to call president putin to get him back. >> i'm not going to have one case of a suspect who we are trying to extradite suddenly being elevated to the point where i have to start doing wheeling and dealing and trading on a whole host of other issues. simply to get a guy consider dieted so he can face the justice system in the united states. >> how will this affect the administration and the united states' influence abroad? joining the panel, "wall street journal" lump mist and deputy
to another nation for help. russian media say edward snowden has applied for political asylum in russia. the former national security agency contractor has asked ecuador for asylum. snowden revealed last month that nsa agents collect phone and private data at home and abroad. american authorities have charged him with espionage and asked russia to extradite him. he's believed to be staying in the transit area of a moscow airport. vladimir putin said he can stay in russia if he promises to stop leaking information. >> translator: if he wants to stay in russia, there's one condition. he must stop his activities aimed at inflicting damage on our american partners. >> the latest reports based on snowden's revelations have put even more heat on the u.s. government. they say american agents spied on embassies and missions belonging to their allies around the world. nhk world has details. >> reporter: the german magazine "der spiegel" reported that workers at the u.s. national security agency installed listening devices in eu offices in washington and new york. they say they eavesdropped on me
that is my only job. okay. former n.s.a. analyst and current drone bait edward snowden has gone missing, folks. that's right. this computer whiz has hit escape, control-alt-deleted himself and has avoided being caps-locked up, f7. jim? >> man on the run. where is n.s.a. leaker edward snowden headed next. >> the high-stakes game of cat apped mouse reaches a fever pitch as spy whistle-blower edward snowden remains on the run. >> edward snowden says catch me if you can. a global game of hide and seek >> stephen: yes, a global game of hide and seek. why did we agree to count all the way to 100? and has anyone checked behind curtains in the living room? now, folks, nobody knows exactly where snowden might be. so far there's just been a lot of irresponsible speculation and i want in on it which brings me to my now running segment ♪ where in the world is edward snow-diego? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> stephen: if i get it right, i could win a trip to anywhere in the continental united states. oh, i've always wanted to go to queens. better get my shots. now, for weeks now, folks, it's been
an extradition treaty so only a matter of time before he comes flying home, right? >> edward snowden hopped a flight out of hong kong early this morning our time headed for moscow. >> john: to get a connecting flight to justice town, right? now, you might be asking, how did that happen? we've been told that the u.s. government was in constant contact with hong kong authorities. >> they're back and forth on the phone talking like, do you still know where he is? yes, we still know where he is. all that is going very smoothly up until friday. then first of all they stopped calling back. >> john: yes, you heard right. hong kong simply stopped returning our calls. basically the united states, the most powerful government on earth, was turned into a sad ex-boyfriend. hey, china, it's america. could you call me again? make sure you got our earlier messages and tkses and emails. not sure where you are. in the shower so i thought maybe i missed your call. just checking on that whole extradition thing we talked about. maybe give us a call or don't. it's cool. it's not cool. please do call. it's ameri
. that's a continuing program. >>> issue three, turn snowden over. >> my continued expectation is that russia or other countries that have talked about potentially providing mr. snowden asylum recognize that they are part of an international community and they should be abiding by international law. and we will continue to press them as hard as we can to make sure that they do so. >> edward snowden is the national security agency contractor turned whistleblower. mr. snowden was employed in hawaii. and he fled from there to hong kong, where the u.s. sought to have him returned. hong kong officials declined to deport snowden because they say one of the two conditions for so doing was unmet. snowden this week turned up in russia where he has taken refuge at the moscow airport. president obama has turned up the pressure and threatened repercussions if they are further rebuffed. though the tables may be turning. on tuesday the russian prime minister gave snowden the brushoff. mr. snowden is a freeman. he is located in the area of the airport and he has the right to fly in any direct
that later in the show. >> thanks, maria. to other news, n.s.a. leaker edward snowden breaking his silence to go after president obama. we also just learned that snowden is seeking asylum in more than a dozen countries but he is hitting major hurdles. we're live in washington with more. >> edward snowden reportedly is making a request for asylum in countries including austria, bolivia, brazil, china, cuba and more. it appears snowden is desperately seeking a place he can call home. but without an american passport, snowden has no documents that will allow him to travel, so he remains in a transit zone at the moscow airport. with the help of wikileaks, he applied for asylum in russia but russian president vladmir putin laid out a firm condition for snowden. >> if he wishes to stay here, we have one condition. he must stop his work aimed at harming our american partner. >> snowden continues to lash out against the obama administration, issuing a statement blasting president obama stating the obama administration is afraid of you. it is afraid of an informed and angry public demanding the con
examines the diplomatic saga unfolding as the world wonders where edward snowden is and what his fate will be. >> ifill: fred de sam lazaro reports on one group's efforts to help victims of the deadly factory collapse in bangladesh. >> every business that we have gone into has something to do with poor peoples' needs. we are looking at opportunities we need to do something very quickly, otherwise bangladesh might lose a lot of business. >> brown: and judy woodruff gets an inside-the-courtroom account of the trial of whitey bulger, the accused boston mob boss charged with racketeering and murder. >> >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> ifill: egypt's first democratically elected leader has been overthrown by the country's armed forces. president mohammed morsi has reportedly been moved to an undisclosed location. morsi's twitter account quotes him saying he rejects what he called a "full coup." margaret warner begins our coverage. >> reporter: cheers erupted from hundreds of thousands celebrating in tahrir s
with the fallout from the secrets revealed by edward snowden, using information that allegedly came from snowden, the german magazine "der spiegel" reported the nsa eavesdropped on european union offices. meanwhile, snowden remains in the moscow airport and the number of countries that he's seeking asylum in is growing. tara mergener is in washington with more. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. according to wikileaks, snowden has requested asylum in 20 countries including u.s. rivals, china, cuba and venezuela. edward snowden's hopes of finding asylum in ecuador are in doubt. now the former nsa contractor is asking for help from other nations. he's been holed up at a moscow airport for more than a week. u.s. officials want him to return to face espionage charges. >> there have been high-level discussions with the russians about trying to find a solution. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin said he won't send snowden back to the united states. but added that snowden will have to stop leaking nsa secrets if he wants asylum. on monday, wikileaks published a statem
announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. >>> the latest drama in the snowden saga has all the makings of a spy thriller. after the plane of bolivian president en route out of moscow was rerouted to austria. this after france and portugal reportedly refused to allow the plane to enter their air space on the suspicion that edward snowden might be aboard. the concerns came after morales who had since left vienna was in moscow for an energy summit where he made an offhand remark that he would welcome snowden into the country. the bolivian president accused the u.s. of being behind it. they called it an attitude of sabotage and destruction by the united states. a post is retreated by wikileaks, obama not scrambling jets to find snowden, merely closing down european air space and detaining a president. but france and portugal denied that they had refused access to their air space. while the u.s. had no official reaction to the claim, they told bloomberg news the pentagon didn't ask nato allies to deny overflights to the planes. earlier the state department refused to acknowledge any diploma
leaker edward snowden as much as he can from his asylum in the ecuadorian embassy. after staying there over a year, i hope he likes ecuadorian food. we'll be joining his lawyer in studio next. our special panel of comedic nonexperts, tonight we play a game of the men who will never ever be president! and in tonight's f bomb commentary we'll explore the anti-gay conservatives who oppose the supreme court's rulings on gay marriage and why they're the real drama queens. today is the birthday of kelly ayotte vera wang and j.j. abrams who gets to make all of the new "star trek" films and "star wars" films. i've got a bad feeling about this. this is "viewpoint." >> john: i'm john fuglesang. this is "viewpoint." thank you for joining us tonight. president obama played down the global chase for nsa leaker edward snowden today on a visit to senegal saying he hasn't called the presidents of china or russia over the case because it's purely a legal issue. clearly peeved by the on-going saga, obama said he was not going to raise the stakes by intercepting a flight carrying snowden should he
. first we have more on assange, and the assistance wiki leaks is providing to edward snowden. >> reporter: good morning. he fled from hong kong to russia. assange is said to be threatening. some say it's the latest provocation of the u.s. he has long been a prickly thorn in the side of the u.s. government. but who is julian assange? hacker? activist, journalist or fugitive criminal? >> we've exposed the world's secrets. >> reporter: he is the mastermind behind wikileaks that's published nation's secrets, and behind the global debate over the public's right to know. >> the wikileaks organization published hundreds more internal government documents. >> reporter: he's embarrassed the powerful. and revealed top-secret information about u.s. and other government activitieactivities. >> there's a bunch of bodies laying here. >> reporter: but at what cost? >> puts people's lives in danger, threatens our national authority. >> reporter: now the man who's on what he believes is a crusade against wrongdoing faces accusations of his own. >> you have no right to arrest julian assange! >> reporter: f
to return edward snowden. how should the u.s. respond to this latest diplomatic embarrassment? >> plus, landmark rulings on voting rights, racial preferences and more. we'll break down what the high courts decision mean for race in america. and a key senate vote puts immigration reform in the hands of the house. now it faces a huge uphill battle. will lawmakers get on board with the overhaul? >> paul: welcome to "journal editorial report". i'm paul gigot. hunt for nsa leaker edward snowden strange straining tense relations between u.s. and russia. president obama says he shouldn't have to call vladimir putin to get him back. >> i'm not going to have one case of a suspect who were trying to extradite suddenly being elevated to the point where i've got to start doing wheeling and dealing and trading on a whole host of other issues simply to get a guy extradited so he can face the justice system here in the united states. >> paul: how would it affect the administration and united states influence abroad. joining the panel, dan henninger, brett stevens and kim strassel. so the president sa
gathered secrets is reportedly reaching out to another nation for help. russian media said edward snowden applied for political asylum in russia. the security agency contractor asked ecuador for asylum. he revealed that nsa agents collect internet data at home and abroad. authorities charged him with espionage and asked russia to extradite him. hooey is believed to be staying in the transit area of a moscow airport. snowden can stay in russia if he promises to stop leaking information. >> translator: if he wants to stay in russia, there is one condition. he must stop his activities aimed at inflicting damage onnure on american partners. >> the latest reports based on snowden's revelations put more heat on the u.s. government. they said agents spied on allies around the world. jackie aishikawa has details. >> at the national agency, they have devices in washington and new york. they say agents have meetings among eu officials. they cited a secret document leaked by snowden. the article said nsa workers hacked into computer networks to interset documents and e-mails. eu leaders responded wi
. edward snowden applies almost everywhere for refuge while president obama meets with george w. bush in africa. >>> ultimate num egypt. countdown between protesters and supporters profit morsi. >>> plus, a russian rocket crashes on launch. serena cracks at wimbledon. and this nfl athlete clocks in at 25 miles per hour. "early today" starts right now. flrs this is "early today" for tuesday, july 2nd. >> good morning. i'm betty ngyuen. >>> a massive wildfire in arizona just continues to burn as a close-knit mountain community comes together to remember 19 fallen firefighters. a candlelit vigil was held in phoenix for the men as we learn more about just who they are. they were members of an elite group known at the granite mountain hot shots. they ranged from 43 to just 21. many were fathers and their chief said all of them died as heroes doing what they were called to do. last night a grieving community came to pay their respects. >> so heartbreaking for the families. >> they are all our brothers. they are all our sons, our fathers. and any policeman, anybody that will put their life o
countries, but former national security agency contractor edward snowden has already withdrawn his request from one. he says he won't try to stay in russia, where he's currently evading u.s. authorities. the u.s. government is urging countries not to help snowden escape prosecution on espionage charges. u.s. secretary of state john kerry met the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov in brunei. he briefed his counterpart on america's position. he's believed to have repeated the request that russia hand snowden over to the u.s. lavrov gave a different account of the meeting. he said the issue wasn't on the agenda. snowden has been holed up at a moscow airport for more than a week since he flew there from hong kong. some analysts say he may not be able to leave moscow because the u.s. has canceled his passport. on monday, snowden released his first statement since arriving in moscow. he criticized the u.s. government for revoking his passport and pressuring countries to block his asylum bid. the wikileaks website is supporting snowden. it published a list of countries where he's asked for as
any of those? >> well, have you said that i've been hanging out with edward snowden in an underground bunker because that's -- >> because you're saying that would not be true, is that what you're saying? >> jon: sure. that's what mi saying, it's not true. >> we all miss you. everybody misses you. (cheers and applause) we miss you! >> jon: let me say this. >> what? >> jon: you're doing a phenomenal job. (cheers and applause) >> stop it. i don't watch it all the time because it's too weird, it's like watching someone have sex with your wife' wife's-- desk. >> you have a beautiful desk. your des something beautiful. >> jon: but i miss you guys like crazy cakes. i love you guys. i can't wait to see you. this has been exciting and invigorating but weird as hell. and i just wanted to check in and tell you i was thinking about you guys. and you are doing great. >> we have not changed much, you should know that, here. nothing much changed here. >> jon: good. >> the only key things is we play government ball against the mets every monday and bruce springsteen comes to play every tuesday night.
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rough. and we are going to see what happens with this edward snowden, it sounds like there may be a little bit of movement on that. we'll be watching there. bill: the food gets pretty old at the airport after a week. see you tomorrow. martha: see you tomorrow, everybody. jon: right now brand-new stories and breaking news. jenna: a deadly wildfire in heirs is still out of control before claiming the lives of 19 elite firefighters. new hot shot crews as they are called are on the way to battle these flames that are still burning as we mentioned. a live update is ahead. and western states sizzling under a record heatwave, this is not helping the fire conditions, scorching temperatures hitting triple-digits over the weekend back in full force today. and brand-new surveillance secrets revealed by nsa leaker edward snowden causing tensions overseas. america's closes allies accusing the united states of spying and using cold war tactics. it's all happening now. we begin with fox news alert on the deadliest day for america's firefighters since 9/11. hello, everybody, glad to have you w
involved in efforts to capture nsa leaker edward snowden. is this the right response to a man that caused a threat to this country? >> no, i'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance. [ male announcer ] glucerna. the blisters were oozing, and painful to touch. i woke up to a blistering on my shoulder. i spent 23 years as a deputy united states marshal and i've been pretty well banged up but the worst pain i've experienced was when i had shingles. when i went to the clinic, the nurse told me that it was a result of having had chickenpox. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i jus
snowden wait forgive asylum. and hillary clinton she's too old. how the party of old white men are trying to sneer an old white woman who is younger than them. happy birthday. and today is july 1st. the year is half over. halfhappy half sunday. this is few point. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm john fugelsang and this is "viewpoint"." thankthaw so much for joining us tonight. after eight days in in a moscow airport, he's looking for a country that will give him asylum. snowden allegedly published a letter on the wikileaks site. in sans knee i can't president obama said that the u.s. was still going through regular channels to get snowden brought back proportion. >> there have been high level discussions with the russians about trying to find a solution to the problem. we are hopeful that the russian government makes decisions based on normal procedures regarding international travel and normal intersections that law enforcement has. >> last night russian officials said snowed den's asylum request could take a month to process and that an answer wasn't forthcoming yet. f
>> rose: welcome to the program. we begin with the story of n.s.a., edward snowden and the leaking of so much material with the newspaper that's been at the center of this story, "the guardian," we talk to janine gibson, u.s. editor and alan rusbridger, editor-in-chief. >> here's what we do know. we know that he was extremely, more than probably any other whistle blower in history, edward snowden was incredibly clear eyed about what was going to happen to him. absolutely a product of his generation and the digital generation as well. he knew all the stories of those that had gone before. he was well aware that he was not going to be able to remain hidden and covert and secret for the rest of his life and he wanted to control the narrative around his own exposure. he was very clear eyed about that. so that's why you had the dynamic at the beginning of of the story where we publish lead the stories very rapidly, one after the other, before he revealed his own identity. we knew time on this -- this would be a race that the -- as soon as the n.s.a. realized there was a significant leak
fighting for whistle-blower edward snowden. three days of fighting in the libyan capital. carrying a fashion executive is found in venezuelan waters. we are learning this hour that a new alleged whistle-blower is said to be under investigation in the united states. according to reports, a former high-ranking u.s. general is being investigated for leaking and permission about a sniper attack on iran's nuclear program. the attack in 2010 used a computer virus stuxnet to disable 1000 centrifuges the enrichs were using to uranium. what more are you hearing and reading about this investigation? >> we are talking about the nbc news report and nbc news's are broadcasting partner, about the retired marine corps general james cartwright who used to be the no. 2 person on the joint chiefs of staff from 2007 until 2011, basically the no. 2 in the u.s. military. he was instrumental in the development of the program known as stuxnet, which was designed to interrupt the operation of more than 1000 iranian intrifuges at every actor 2010, i believe. it was a serious problem, not just because it in
of whistleblower turned fugitive edward snowden who appears to be stuck in moscow. unable to leave without a valid american passport. and the white house isn't commenting on a published report in a the u.s. bugged and hacked its allies in the european union. disclosures believed to have come from snowden. >> reporter: entering his second week of hiding in this moscow airports transit zone, the intelligence leaker edward snowden's future now seems out of his hand. his plan was to fly to ecuador and seek asylum there. over the weekend, ecuadorian leader revealed that vice president joe biden had firmly asked him to reject any asylum request. saying the american was a fugitive. the decision will be made by us in a sovereign manner, but first snowden would have to reach ecuador or one of its embassies. for now with a cancelaled u.s. passport he is going nowhere. it's up to the russian authorities if he can leave the moscow airport. today wiki leaks founder julian assange lashed out of biden and the u.s. >>> the united states has left him for the moment marooned. >> reporter: meanwhile, senator john mc
of july. >> the whistle blower and former u.s. security agency craggetor, edward snowden has broken his silence. in a statement released by wikileaks, he said the obama administration has adopted the strategy of using citizenship as a weapon. a oked my passport making me stateless person. a right that belongs to everybody is the right to seek asylum. snowden has applied for asylum in russia. vladimir putin has set conditions. >> after eight days, holed up in the transit zone moscow airport, the 30 yoth fast running out of options. applied for asylum from russia. there hasn't been a single sightingor snowden since he arrived. this news may fuel speculation and he may have left the airport and be inside russia. president putin made it clear moscow has had no intention of handing him over to the americans but said if he wants to remain in russia, one condition must be meant. he must stop his work aimed at harming our american partners, although it sounds very strange coming from me. he is not going to stop this activity, he these choose a country for himself and go to it. what will happen,
the president of bolivia's plane fly over the airspace because they were afraid edward snowden was on board. oh, boy. more about that on current tv. we have a big, big hour and the iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the conversation started weekdays at 9 eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. (vo) sharp tongue. >>excuse me? (vo) quick wit. >> and yes, president obama does smell like cookies and freedom. (vo) and above all, opinion and attitude. >> really?! this is the kind of stuff they say about something they just pulled freshly from their [bleep]. >> you know what those people are like. >> what could possibly go wrong in eight years of george bush? >> my producer just coughed up a hairball. >>sorry. >>just be grateful current tv doesn't come in "smell-o-vision" >> oh come on! the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo)only on current tv. >> did anyone tell the pilgrims they should self-deport? >> no, they
, there was suspicion he was trying to take back with him edward snowden. mr. snowden has reportedly been hiding out in a moscow airport for over a week now. rumors started spreading last night that bolivia had decided to take him in. bolivia is one of the 20 or so countries from which mr. snowden has reportedly sought asylum. because of those suspicions that bolivia may take him to south america, the plane was denied access to airspace over spain, italy, france and portugal. bolivia's president was ultimately forced to land in austria, because he had nowhere else to go, and there were concerns he was going to run out of fuel. here's a picture of morales stranded at the airport. he was grounded in austria for 134 hours. -- 13 hours. i think these are some of his pilots grabbing a little shut eye as the entire bolivian government scrambled to try to figure out what was going on. after half a day on the ground. after announcing to the world that he had nothing to do with edward snowden and snowden was not on the plane. bolivia's president was finally able to take off early this morning. he's just now
edward snowden says he does not think his son committed treason. he went on national tv to explain how he sees his son's actions. >> he has betrayed his government, but i don't believe that he betrayed the people of the united states. >> the elder snowden said he does not want to put his son in peril but is concerned about people around him. he said he hasn't spoken to his son since april but fears he's been manipulated by the anti-secrecy group wikileaks. the elder snowden said he told u.s. attorney general eric holder, through his lawyer, that his son might return voluntarily on certain conditions. he said justice department official would have to agree not to hold his son before trial and keep the public informed. >>> foreign ministers from the asean nations will soon be sitting down to discuss some of the challenges they face. they'll be sharing the table with their counterparts from japan, china, the united states and north korea. they'll be focusing on maritime security and how to resolve concerns over the north korean nuclear program. the ministers will spend four days talking in b
snowden was not always a fan of turning oversee create info to journalists. according to internet chat logs from tween, that must have been fun, the man who deashed to greenwold took a dim view of the new york times publishing a story about covert u.s. efforts to sabotage the nukes. the logs compiled by the website ars reveal an angry snowden ripping the times and its sources. he says, quote, who the f are the anonymous sources telling them this? those people should be shot in the balls. meanwhile -- you don't have to worry about that. meanwhile, officials tell the ap that because of snowden's leaks al-qaeda and other terrorists are already changing how they communicate. as one former intel officer tells fox news, it is frustrating to have to start all over again and track the target. i am leak that in the park at midnight. meanwhile, a special k-9 unit has been enlisted to track down snowden. >> that's why we lost the cold war. no, we won it. we won the cold war. remi, what do you make of snowden's uh parents change of heart about leaker. >> first i want to say that dog was precious.
court is alive and kicking, and after the break we'll give you the latest on the snowden ultimate may ultimatum with journalist lee fang. stick around. >> michael: welcome back to the war room. we may not know where national security looker edward snowden is right now but we do know what is not being done to get him. >> no, i'm not going to be scrambleing jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. he has those documents. he's released some of them. not all have been released. the damage that's been done essentially goes to the fact of some of these programs. we don't yet know what other documents he may try to dribble out there. >> michael: president obama said he's not going to personally get involved in the diplomatic game of arrangeing snowden's extradition. he believes that all the intel programs are lawful. we welcome lee fang to the show, a contributing writer to the nation and a reporting fellow with the investigative fund at the nation's institute. welcome inside "the war room," lee. >> thank you. >> michael: is president obama now down playing the whole need to get snowden? >> you kno
will not go out of his way to bring nsa leaker edward snowden back to the u.s. today the president was almost contemptuous of the man who has eluded efforts to bring him home. ed henry is traveling with the president is africa tonight. >> no, i will not scramble jets to get a 29-year-old hacker. >> reporter: ruling out the u.s. of u.s. military assetses president obama was dismissive of the chase for snowden. >> i have not called president xi personally or president putin personally. the reason is because, number one, i shouldn't have to. this is something that routinely is dealt with between law enforcement officials in various country. >> reporter: a sharp turn for a president whose team made the case seem anything but routine until three days ago when secretary of state john kerry warned in a cnn interview the consequences of snowden's actions could be grave. >> people may die as a consequence of what this man did. >> reporter: today the president took a different tact -- downplaying the drama by comparing it to a made for tv movie and saying it didn't rise to his level to force the chines
because of suspicions that edward snowden was on board. that is ne xt. ♪ ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >>> in the spotlight tonight, so far the only country that wants edward snowden is the united states. the nsa leaker stuck in moscow has requested asylum from at least 20 countries. no country has said yes yet, but he did receive maybes from countries such as bolivia. >> this young man. 19 years old has to be protected by the international community. once i arrive to caracas, i will provide my official opinion. >> if snowden asks for asylum, will you provide it for him? >> yes, why not? if we receive a request, we're willing to consider it and enter into discussions. >> the bolivian foreign minister said the plane bringing him home was rerouted after france, and portugal refused to let it cross their air space because of suspicions that edward snowden was on board. the plane remains now at the airport in austria, the foreign minister says that snowden was not on the plane. hours early, the spokesperson
to reroute and land in austria. why? because of reports that nsa leaker edward snowden had been smuggled onboard when the plane left moscow. that story is coming up. >>> also tonight, right now it is is quite simply one of the largest protests in all of human history. what we are witnessing in egypt is a very delicate situation, on the verge of total chaos. we'll go live to cairo for the very latest. >>> plus, super awesome helicopters. they're super awesome and they're super expensive and for some crazy reason, they're jammed into the immigration bill in one of the craziest pork stories i've seen in ages. >>> but we begin tonight on this. the 49then anniversary of lyndon b. johnson signing the civil rights act into law. bill moyers wrote on that night, july 2nd, 1964, he found lbj who just signed one of the most monumental and morally elevated pieces of legislation in this country's history in, a quote, melancholy movement. when lawyers asked him what was troubling him, the president said "i think we just delivered the south to the republican party for a long time to come." 49 years lat
surveillance program revealed. and the man who revealed those secrets, edward snowden, still in a moscow airport tonight. will he escape after all? abc's nick schifrin, reporting in from london. >> reporter: deep inside moscow's airport, the world's most wanted man is still hiding and apparently still spilling secrets. today, edward snowden leaked a document, that according to a german magazine, claims the u.s. bugged its european allies offices in washington, d.c. and infiltrated their computer networks. the u.s. is frustrated that snowden's data time bomb is still ticking and they can't get snowden extradited. >> i continue to be concerned about the other documents he may have. that's part of the reason why we'd like to have mr. snowden in custody. >> reporter: snowden has no passport, but he's trying to fly to cuba and then get political asylum in ecuador. here in london, ecuador already provides another famous whistleblower safe haven. wikileaks founder julian assange has been holed up here in the embassy for 377 days. but from here, he's been helping snowden evade u.s. justice. toda
. fox news watch is on right now. >> to the text enter you aided and abetted snowden even in his current movements, why shouldn't you be charged with a crime? >> i think it's extricate extraordinary that anybody would call themselves a journalist whether or not other journalists should be charged with felonies. assumption in your question, david is that he i have aided or abetted him in any way. scandal that arose in washington about the fact that the obama administration was trying to criminalize investigative journalism by going through emails and phone records of journalists and being a co-conspirator for working with sources. >> jon: he seemed not quite ready for his answer to the question about his reporting on nsa spying. greenwald didn't stop there. he tweeted this. who needs the government to try to criminalize journalism when you have david gregory to do it. frank rich came to his defense in this. is david gregory a journalist, a thought experiment what name one beef he has covered with distinction and any memorable interviews he has conducted. his charge is preposterous. column
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